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Are you seeing more denials with less time to get to them? Are the rules becoming so complex and changing so often that you cannot keep up with them? Is more and more time being focused on resolving billing issues because of less and less cash? What about experienced personnel and the burden of training every time a change is made. Why not leave it to us? Our company’s sole existence is to eliminate the burden that comes along with managing your reimbursement while you focus on your patients and the growth of your organization. We have the industry knowledge and the process knowledge to review your documentation and keep you compliant, the resources to bill daily and accurately, work denials daily, keep up with the industry changes, train staff and to perform all of the duties required by your reimbursement department for you to succeed.

Cash Flow is the lifeblood of any company...

  • Preparation and submission of all appropriate and required claim forms.
  • Daily electronic submission directly to all four regional DMERC carriers - not to a clearinghouse.
  • Daily electronic submission to commercial carriers.
  • Daily automatic download of your remittances and daily payment posting to each patient's account.
  • Claim submissions to secondary and supplemental insurance policies for all co-insurance and 20% due.
  • Preparation of patient statements.
  • Denials worked daily.
  • Timely follow up on all outstanding claims.
  • Reports to include open A/R, billing logs, sales analysis, etc. on a monthly basis.
  • Review of all documentation for Medicare compliance and claims accuracy before submission.
  • Missing documentation report on all unbillable orders.
  • Billing and reimbursement question support service.

Adding Wings for your business growth...

Having successfully billed and collected for over 18 years, Medical Billing Solutions Nationwide Inc is eager to share its knowledge and experience with your billing department.

On-site or telephone in the areas of:

  • Documentation requirements for the items you supply
  • Insurance verification
  • Pricing
  • Posting and proper adjustments
  • Working denials
  • Appeals
  • Audits
  • Operational Processes
  • Denial rate analysis
  • A/R clean up
  • Training courses for new billing staff
  • Refresher/update courses on coding/documentation changes for your current employees
  • Intake
  • CMN completion

One of the toughest challenges facing providers is the aged accounts receivable without any resources to dedicate to it. The choice is to watch it become a write off or contact a company whose core business is to focus on A/R. Not only do we have the resources, we also have the talent and experience for a quick recovery.

This industry has never experienced anything like this before. Audits are coming at us from multiple directions. Knowing how to respond to them and what to include is critical to each Supplier’s survival. Medical Billing Solutions can assist. We will review your documentation on each audit and report to you our findings. We will include our recommendation of what additional documentation should be obtained or that we have concluded that the chart meets the requirements and is safe for submission.

Spreading the wings of Knowledge...

At Medical Billing Solutions Nationwide we are proud of what we know and what we do. Sharing our vast experience and knowledge will allow your organization to soar as ours does. We offer:

  • Training courses for new billing staff.
  • Training on proper documentation requirements.
  • Analysis of Billing Department processes and work flow.
  • How, Where and When to obtain crucial government regulation changes.
  • Auditing processes.
  • And so much more....

You can count on us...

Stuck in the midst of your billing processes, high rate of denials, low collections, improper documentation, aging receivables, not enough resources, understanding the latest Federal Government guidelines...CONTACT US

  • At Medical Billing Solutions Nationwide we provide solutions based on your business’ specific needs.
  • Guiding/Training of your employees for proper documentation.
  • Consistent communication and reporting metrics for analyzing opportunities and innovation for business growth.

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  • Reduces operational costs
  • Reduction in denials
  • Quicker turn around on cash
  • Stay up to date on the industry
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