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Understanding Your Business Needs


Understanding your Business Needs...

At Medical Billing Solutions Nationwide we firmly believe in first understanding your business needs and your processes. It is then we can begin bringing to the table our deep knowledge and experience to become a worthy partner who brings value to your organization.

  • Understanding of various business processes being adopted by DME industry.
  • Experience and knowledge of current Medicare, Medicaid and third party insurance guidelines.
  • Management reporting for making crucial business decisions.
    • Revenue Reports
    • Sales Analysis Reports by Product, Referrals, Sales Reps
    • Cash Deposit Reports
    • A/R Reports
  • Experienced staff in critical functions.
  • Experts in reviewing documentation for qualifying diagnosis, accurate CMNs, and any other requirements necessary to get claims paid or pass audits.

With most of our staff having experience in a provider's office, we understand the needs of both sides. Our customers find it quite simple to transition from in-house billing to out sourcing or to transition from another billing service to ours.

Here is how it works:

  • Your office sends us, or we go into your electronic document management system and retrieve, the intake form, delivery slip and medical necessity documentation.
  • We review all documentation for completion, accuracy, compliance, qualifications, medical justification
  • In-house entry into our system: We will enter all necessary information in our system to procure the billing process.
  • Own on-line Database – We go into your on-line database and review all data entry and confirm those orders that are billable.
  • Online Entry: Your office sends us all the necessary documentation, or we will go into your document management system and retrieve it, and we will key all orders into your Web Based System.
  • Pre-edit check is performed by the experienced staff prior to submission and transmit claim to the appropriate payer. Anything that is non compliant/non billable is reported to you as to why it was not billable.
  • Claims are transmitted daily directly to the appropriate Regional Carrier and/or commercial payer. Within 24 hours confirmation is received with details of claims being transmitted and accepted by the payers.
  • All payments go directly to the provider. We will electronically download and post to each patient’s account daily. This allows your reports to be accurate at all times
  • A secondary claim is then generated and submitted for all co-insurance amounts due.
  • We generate a report for all of the previous day’s denials. Denials and partial pays are worked upon receipt. We take them through the multiple levels of the appeals process.
  • All claims unacknowledged by a payer are timely followed up on.
  • On a daily basis, we automatically bill your monthly rental patients until we receive pick-up notification from your office. Therefore, there is no need to send us anything monthly for your rental patients
  • Reports are provided on a weekly basis. These reports let you know what was billed and what wasn’t billed and what is needed to make them compliant. We supply reports in advance on Auths and CMNs set to expire and CPAP compliance patients. We supply reports on denials, insurance changes. We make sure our customers know exactly where their money is and why.
  • We invoice once a month for all monies received from our billing and collection efforts

For something so complex we have found a way to make it simple for our customers. And like our customers do, you too will experience continuous cash-flow.

Is your billing service familiar with your products? Are they familiar with your payers? Do they know the coding, diagnosis requirements and documentation requirements? These are things you must investigate in your search for a company to outsource to.

Are they an established medical billing company that has been in business with a proven track record?

Is there enough staff available to you during the hours you need? How many times do you get a referral for an item that requires immediate delivery but you are not sure of the coverage criteria? Who do you call? Are they available?

Does your medical billing company offer all of the services of a billing department or are they just submitting claims?

  • Do they bill your claims daily?
  • Do they work denials daily?
  • Do they send out 20% co-insurance claims daily?
  • Do they bill your recurring rentals daily or only once or twice a month?
  • Do they keep you up to date with the changes

Will they provide you with reports on a regular basis of what has been billed? What has not been billed and why? Which claims are pending documentation? Do you know where your claims are at all times? Do they provide you with:

  • Billing reports
  • Reports of what hasn’t been billed and why so that it can be corrected
  • Status Reports of denied and unpaid claims
  • Revenue Reports
  • Sales Analysis Reports by Product, Referrals, Sales Reps
  • Cash Deposit Reports
  • A/R Reports

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  • Reduces operational costs
  • Reduction in denials
  • Quicker turn around on cash
  • Stay up to date on the industry
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