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Billing for DME is an ordeal, though it can be made easy with the right RCM partner, DME Billers is a specialist firm aimed at delivering end-to-end, DME Medical billing services for DME providers servicing across US.

DME Billing Company

25th Anniversary offers on

DME Medical Billing Solutions

At our DME Billing Company, we have just completed 25 glorious years of offering immensely efficient Billing Solutions. And to mark the occasion, we bring to you exclusive offers on your A/R.

We are one of the leading durable medical equipment billing companies because of the expert staff, personalized services, and technology we encompass. Here is why we are your ideal DME billing company:



Our billing experts are knowledgeable and experienced in DME medical billing. Certainly, we are fully aware of the DME regulations' nuances and have mastered the handling different kinds of equipment claims. When it comes to DME billing, either offloading part of or all your DME billing to a trusted outsourced DME billing service provider, we got you covered. We got the capabilities to ensure your claims are processed accurately and effectively.


A/R Clean-up

A thorough accounts receivables clean up can help you restore your records, and claim any missing revenues. At Medical Billing Solutions, we perform detailed assessment to determine collectable accounts, then rebill, appeal, and, execute necessary steps to collect your money.


Appeals and Audits

We comprehensively review your documents for each audit and offer valuable insights to rectify any errors. Our services aim to ensure that you have all the essential documents in place for your external audits.

Our Services

Obtain Wide-Range of Medical Billing Services by Experts

Our Services

Obtain Wide-Range of Medical Billing Services by Experts

Why Choose Us as your DME

Billing Company?

Billing services that are backed by a plethora of experience and  knowledge

Flexible Processes

You do not work for us. We work for you.

Cost Effective

If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

Rentless Commitment

Each claim is billed and collected as if it was own.

Account Management

Dedicated teams with a proven track record.

Some of the DME Products We are

Experts in

Our Credibility and


Medical Billing Solutions envisions to revolutionize the billing industry by offering comprehensive medical billing services across the country. With a myriad of experience of over 24 years, we are dedicated to strengthening your back-office processes, in order to make them more cost and time effective.

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