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Why would I want to outsource my DME billing to you?

Our revenue focused billing team usually manages to increase collection anywhere from 15 to 45%. Try us and you will not be disappointed.

What products do you cover?

We provide support for almost all the DMEs from Respiratory and Mobility Equipment to Diabetic Supplies to Enteral Nutrition to Orthotics and so on.

Are you an established medical billing company?

Yes, for 24 years, we have been the leader in DME billing and reimbursement. Since our inception in 1994, our sole commitment has been to the DME industry. We currently represent clients throughout the United States.

How do I transfer my medical billing data to you?

You can scan the data and upload the information to our server where it gets recorded into our processing system. We can also access your current billing system / database and retrieve information from there.

Will you be able to securely handle PHI information?

As an ISO 27001 information security certified and HIPAA compliant company we are extremely careful when dealing with PHI. We only use encrypted emails to send PHI related information. We have multiple security processes in addition to encryption to protect your PHI.

Do you have expertise in the software I use?

Our team is proficient in using a variety of Billing Platforms used by DME/HME companies.

What are your rates?

Our rates are comparable to most. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. Please contact us and we will provide you the rates based on your past billing details.

Do you handle unpaid claims?

Yes, we do. These claims are re-processed by appending additional information as required. If this information is unavailable with us, we will contact you to obtain the same. If the claim still remains unpaid, we will register an appeal.

How soon can we start?

Our DME billing experts are ready to start working with you. We can start working as soon as the paper work is completed. You will start seeing results within a couple of weeks after you engage with us.

DME Billing Solutions - Testimonial Our Customers Love Us MBS helped us not only increase our revenue but the sales generation team has been able to increase our sales by 12%. I can focus on running my business and not worry about the rest any more. VP of multi-location
Respiratory Company, Houston, TX
DME Billing Solutions - Testimonial Our Customers Love Us Billing has been my biggest headache over the last 20 years. MBS has managed to substantially increase my collections allowing me to substantially increase my sales. Operations Manager of DME Provider,
Raleigh, NC
DME Billing Solutions - Testimonial Our Customers Love Us Not only has MBS managed to increase our collection rate by 22%, but streamlining so many processes has made us far more efficient. I can now focus on the growth of the business without having to worry about the rest. CEO of Mobility Company,
Newark, NJ

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