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You do not work for us. We work for you. Therefore, we are not making demands on YOU. Our job is to make your job easier while also reducing your denials and increasing your cash-flow. How do we do this? By taking over one important daily function for you, doing it efficiently, effectively, and accurately resulting in one important necessity to any business: Cash-flow

How We Differ

Unlike many billing services, we accept the paperwork you are currently using and are comfortable with. We are not bogging you down with yet more documentation. The carriers require enough of that already. We can, however, provide Suppliers with any form and/or documentation they may need or find beneficial to their organization. But if you are happy with what you are using then we are happy too.

We accept your documentation at the rate that your office is comfortable with, whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly. It is billed as soon as we receive/retrieve it.

We can receive your documentation through scan, fax, FTP site. We can also access your current billing system/database and retrieve it. Again, our flexibility means that we do this the way you prefer.

Our rates are comparable to most. But what do you get for that rate? Are your secondary claims being sent out or is your biller under the assumption that Medicare crosses them all over? Are your claims simply being sent or are they being followed up on as well? Are denials worked as they come in? What are you really paying for?

What is the rate of collections? Are you paying a lower percentage to collect a lower percentage?

Our collection rate is well above the national average while our DSO is well below.

We put our money where our mouth is. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

In this specialized industry with ever-changing regulations, our service is second to none. You will find comfort in dealing with each member of your dedicated team that thoroughly understands your organization’s process and are handling your account with the personal care it requires and deserves. Each claim is billed and collected as if it was our own.

We don’t just send your claims out the door. We review documentation for qualifying diagnosis, accurate CMNs, and any other requirements necessary to get the claim paid.

We work your denials. We don’t just follow up to make sure your claims have reached their destination. We follow up to make sure that they are paid. Remember, if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

We make it our business to know your business, because it’s our business. We are constantly monitoring the industry trends to keep you informed. Your success is our success.

Dedicated teams of resources with a proven track record are assigned to your entire reimbursement billing cycle. With the Medical Billing Solutions’ team philosophy, your account has constant attention. We work as an extended virtual arm of yours, as a Partner who believes “Your Growth is Our Growth”.

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