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    Our Services

    Obtain Wide-Range of Medical Billing Services by Experts


    Backed by a proficient team of medical billing experts who collectively work to make your life easier, we provide comprehensive billing services to our clients. Our services include preparation and submission of relevant claims, preparation of patient statements, timely follow up of outstanding claims, etc.

    A/R Clean-up

    A thorough accounts receivables clean up can help you restore your records, and claim any missing revenues. At Medical Billing Solutions, we perform detailed assessment to determine collectable accounts, then rebill, appeal, and, execute necessary steps to collect your money.

    Appeals and Audits

    We comprehensively review your documents for each audit and offer valuable insights to rectify any errors. Our services aim to ensure that you have all the essential documents in place for your external audits.


    Having successfully billed and collected for over 24 years, Medical Billing Solutions Nationwide Inc is eager to share its knowledge and experience with your DME billing department.


    At Medical Billing Solutions Nationwide we are proud of what we know and what we do. Sharing our vast experience and knowledge will allow your organization to soar as ours does.


    Stuck in the midst of your billing processes, high rate of denials, low collections, improper documentation, aging receivables, not enough resources, understanding the latest Federal Government guidelines.

    Our Credibility and


    Medical Billing Solutions envisions to revolutionize the billing industry by offering comprehensive medical billing services across the country. With a myriad of experience of over 24 years, we are dedicated to strengthening your back- office processes, in order to make them more cost and time effective.

    Some of the DME Products

    We Are Experts in

    Why Choose Us?

    Billing services that are backed by a plethora of experience and knowledge

    Flexible Processes

    You do not work for us. We work for you.

    Cost Effective

    If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

    Rentless Commitment

    Each claim is billed and collected as if it was own.

    Account Management

    Dedicated teams with a proven track record.

    Benefits of Outsourcing

    Reduces operational costs

    Stay up to date on the industry

    Eliminates provider/patient
payment discussion

    Reduction in denials

    Frees you of the burden of
billing and collections

    Fees based on collection results

    Focus on the treatment of your patient with generating new business

    Quicker turn around on cash

    Eliminates costly and
unproductive training periods

    Reduces staff which
eliminates sick pay, vacation
pay, etc.

    No capital investment in
software and/or hardware

    Our Customers Love Us

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