With over two decades of experience, we are able to offer a myriad of services that goes beyond billing services. Over the years, we have built a staunch clientele that is spread across the nation. At Medical Billing Solutions, we have a professional and skilled team of medical billing experts who are well-acquainted with the latest billing systems and EMR platforms. As your ideal DME Billing partner, we provide you with a wide range of services that comprise of the following:-

  • Eligibility, Verification and Authorization
  • Payment posting
  • Accounts receivable services
  • Charge posting
  • Denial Management
  • Follow-up on patient collections
  • Contact center services


Benefits of Working with Medical Billing Solutions

Following are some of the salient advantages of working with Medical Billing Solutions:-

  • Reduced billing errors
  • Accelerated cash flow
  • Optimized patient satisfaction
  • Compliance with the correct billing procedures
  • Reduced claim denials
  • Higher cost savings
  • Improved collections
  • 24*7 Customer Support

Payment Posting

While payment posting is considered a simple task, it is one of the important features of a revenue cycle. A proper payment posting process in place helps analyze the revenue cycle and identify better opportunities to increase revenues by addressing the errors and resolving them. DME payment posting in medical billing offers the following benefits:-

  • Better evaluation of revenue cycle
  • Strengthens the medical billing process
  • Reduces resolving time for denials
  • Allows accurate claim submission
  • Solves any recurring issues

Medical Billing Solutions – Your Trusted DME Billing Partner

With Medical Billing Solutions as your DME billing partner, you can achieve an effective revenue cycle that will help you obtain maximum reimbursements from your claims. Our competent team provides you with a comprehensive plan of how we intend to work and manage your revenue cycle, thereby maintaining optimum transparency and reliability in the process.